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Braided Collar or Headband

Braided Collar or Headband

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50cm x 18cm


  • 2 skeins of Super Bulky Merino wool by Da Fazenda (100% Merino wool; 100g/48m)
  • 10mm needles
  • 1 wool needle
  • 2 stitch holders


8 sts for 5 cm on 10 mm needles in 1x1 rib. Important : check the sample and adjust the needle number if necessary.


Cast on 24 stitches. Knit in 1x1 rib for 14 rows.

Then, knit only the first 8 stitches (still in 1x1 rib) for 36 rows, leaving the other 16 on hold. Cut the thread about ten centimeters from the knitting and place these 8 stitches on a stitch holder. Take the 8 central stitches and knit them for 36 rows in 1x1 rib. Cut the thread and also place them on hold. Join the yarn to the last 8 stitches and knit them for 36 rows in 1x1 rib.

You have three strips tied together at the base:

Next, make a braid with the three strips:

Reattach the thread at the beginning of the row and knit the last 14 rows in 1x1 rib over all the stitches.

Fold over and sew.

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