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Knitter's Pride

Blocker for socks - Sock blocker

Blocker for socks - Sock blocker

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Duo of sock blockers by Knitter's Pride

These blockers will allow you to block your socks in the desired size.

Perfect for bringing out lace designs and drying your stockings quickly.

They are made of clear acrylic and are very strong.

Each package contains 2 blockers.

Size: Medium for adults. (Male: 6-7.5 / Female: 7.5-9)


Duo of sock blockers

  • Perfect tool for blocking wet socks; they dry to the sock shape and size
  • In appealing translucent aqua shade acrylic material
  • Very sturdy and flexible
  • Size medium: (M 6-7.5 / F 7.5-9)

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