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Measuring tape "Botanical collection" - Bohin - Measuring tape "Botanical collection"

Measuring tape "Botanical collection" - Bohin - Measuring tape "Botanical collection"

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A garden in our knitting bag!

Available online and in the Angus store

The French brand Bohin, renowned for its quality creations, offers us a series of beautifully illustrated ribbons.

  • Printed ribbon length in cm and inches: 150 cm - 60"
  • Ribbon width : 1/4'' - 0.63 cm
  • Retractable tape

Let yourself be transported by this range of spring-like centimeters.
6 "flower" models: Sunflower, lily, tulip, lily of the valley, rose, periwinkle

Very durable ABS housing.
Guaranteed quality: thanks to their made of poly fiber (and not plastic), our centimeters are particularly flexible and undeformable. Precise marking is the prerequisite for carrying out equally precise measurements, to which the metal tips mounted to the nearest millimeter contribute.

A retaining mechanism holds the measuring tape during work in the desired position. At the press of a button, a spring mechanism automatically returns the centimeter after measurement back into its housing and wraps it neatly inside.


We are firm believers in the idea that everything we use on a day-to-day basis should be beautiful and bring us a little bit of delight! These wonderfully eccentric collectible tape measures from BOHIN fit the bill one hundred percent. Transport yourself to a wacky and whimsical wonderland with this artfully designed collection. These trendy tape measures are retractable - simply recoil it by pressing the button on the side.

  • - Ribbon Length: 60"
  • - Graduations Scale: Centimeters & Inches.
  • - Ribbon Width: 1/4"
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