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Discover the benefits of Knitting within your company

Who hasn't heard "Knitting is the new Yoga" ? And for good reason, the benefits of this activity are increasingly recognized: anti-stress (it would have the same virtues as meditation), it prevents cognitive decline and arthritis. To name just these benefits.

La Maison Tricotée already offered face-to-face courses post-pandemic. From the first confinement, we organized ourselves to offer free and online weekly courses in order to entertain the community.

2 years later, the observation is worthy of study: Knitting has allowed many people to “keep their mental health”. And even more, to connect in a period of “social distancing” with an ever-growing community. Our community courses have approximately 600 students in the French-speaking population. But we are small compared to Ravelry, the facebook of knitting and crochet which has 7 million members.

Passions were discovered as well as pride in knowing oneself capable of such beautiful creations.

Knitting is also a more ecological awareness of one's clothing consumption and a reappropriation of one's wardrobe.

What can knitting classes do for my business?

A happy employee is an efficient team member whose good energy is contagious, both with colleagues and with customers.

Knitting is known to reduce stress and strengthen self-esteem through creativity.

Knitting can become a wonderful bond-builder in a team. If other knitters get involved, it becomes very pleasant moments spent together at lunchtime for example. In a calm, talkative and happy atmosphere. Long live the alpha waves that Knitting causes in the brain!

In the age of teleworking, loneliness and the impression of only being a spectator of a screen have side effects on mental health.

Knitting can be shared via chat rooms or simply alone, to rediscover the pleasure of creating and taking time for yourself.

What does Maison Tricotée offer?

We offer a personalized online and in-person course service at our Angus branch.


These classes are all interactive and live with the teacher. The course can be seen delayed and as many times as desired.

We have 3 themes for online courses:

1- I started knitting by making an organic cotton cloth.

This course lasts approximately 1h30 and covers basic knitting techniques:

Cast on your stitches, knit the stitches, cast off your stitches.

2- I'm getting started with knitting by making a collar

This course is divided into 3 sessions of approximately 1 hour per week.

The student learns to cast on his stitches, knit right and wrong sides, knit in the round, create his collar and cast off his stitches.

3- I started knitting by making a hat

The student learns to cast on his stitches, knit right and wrong sides, knit in the round, create his hat and cast off his stitches.


Other themes can be developed according to requests including embroidery courses.

We also offer, for each of these courses, kits including :

- The necessary yarn (the color can be chosen according to the company logo or other), the knitting needles, the yarn needle, the pattern, the accessories if necessary and a project bag.

We can also create a Facebook page reserved for your company group and equipped with several information documents. This page is a platform for your employees to develop their "knitting club", motivate each other and interact.

The fall-winter 2022 calendar is filling up quickly. Contact us now for a quote.

Face-to-face courses

We also offer face-to-face and evening classes in our Montreal branch in Angus shops. Our large, modern and comfortable space allows us to accommodate around ten participants.

The themes of the courses above are the same in person but allow 2 hours per course. We can offer a wide variety of workshops depending on the level with competent and passionate teachers.

Tea is offered during classes. You can add a catering service if you wish. (sweet and savory appetizers, cheese or charcuterie platter from local shops)


So, are you ready to bring more gentleness into your business?


Educational director:

Telephone: 514-903-9665