Véronique Baril: Fox Trail Fiber Arts

éronique Baril started experimenting with textiles in 2009 by spinning wool, she fell in love with animal fiber and colors. The world of artisanal dyeing intrigued her. The chemistry, the pigments, the recipes, < I have to try, does it work? >

She first spent a lot of time playing with different natural products like cochineal, goldenrod, indigo and synthesized pigments. Precious colors.

She ventured into dyeing techniques, color fixing methods and the chemical properties of her work tools. < Transform, react, measure, mix, boil, soak, nothing is done on a whim, it's like making a flan. >

Hundreds of trials and errors later, she developed her own secret formula notebooks bringing the FOX TRAIL FIBER ARTS brand to life in 2011.

Dyeing is a science that requires sensitivity; we can see up to eight or nine colors per skein of wool. She tells stories, like colorful poems that evoke a place, a landscape, a material. Glade, Banquise, Anemone, Water Lily, the names of his recipes reflect his inspiration: the planet.

Véronique dyes merino wool from New Zealand, environmental standards there are strict and extremely controlled, this guarantees quality and softness of 19 to 21 microns. She will also soon start sourcing from the United States via a small local family business that she is trying to encourage.

She seriously thinks about the impact of her work on the environment, not wanting to pollute in any way, she decides on her products and techniques according to the ecological impact they generate. Its wastewater is clean.

Her professional career is surprising, she was an air traffic controller in the Canadian Forces, < I saw others flying all day long. > She left everything to become a helicopter pilot, < it's indescribable the adrenaline in the carpet, it makes my heart beat intensely, I move in three dimensions in the sky! >

She leads an atypical life which balances between her two passions, aviation and artisanal dyeing.

His thing is sensations.

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