Un peu de douceur

A little bit of softness

One of my greatest pleasures, as a knitter, is making baby gifts. Already, because I find it a beautiful way to welcome a new life . And then, in the big pile of gifts given to new parents to prepare for the arrival of a baby, some more useful than others, a hand-knitted gift is never forgotten.

I was particularly proud of the BIRTH PRESENT THAT I PREPARED FOR FLORA , my friend Camila's granddaughter: a magnificent set with a pair of PLIDOU SLIPPERS , a JAILHOUSE CARDIGAN , a pair of FARFADET BOOTS and a little PILOT HAT , all knitted in shades of gray, pink and mint green. The whole outfit was really beautiful, but I was particularly happy with the little hat.

One day, while having my morning tea, I looked down at my knitting basket. I was thinking very hard about my friend, because I knew she was going to give birth soon and, at that moment, I noticed a small ball of cashmere, the remains of my SWEET DREAMS shawl, which was sleeping right next to it a small ball of a blend of mink and silk . In a moment of epiphany, I mixed the two threads together. It was like bringing kindred spirits together: a perfect marriage of textures and colors, all incredibly soft. The hat was finished that same day, and the next day I learned that Camila had given birth to a little girl.

A few months ago, a dear friend of mine announced that she was pregnant. I was delighted for her, because I knew her baby was eagerly awaited. I immediately started thinking about his birthday present. I had two other gifts to finalize before I could get on with his.

In the meantime, the events of November 13 occurred in Paris and completely shocked me. I have a great love for Paris, this extraordinarily beautiful and culturally rich city. I couldn't believe this news, so inhumane and terrible. I still have a heavy heart and a great feeling of incomprehension that has haunted me since that horrible Friday the 13th.

As a response to this barbarity, my friend's birthday gift came to mind. I eagerly began knitting for her, starting with a HERRINGBONE BLANKET in CASA . I had so much fun knitting it that I was really sad to have finished it. What could I fill the empty space in my heart left by this blanket with?

That's when I thought of my little luxury hat, this perfect combination of two leftover wool. While searching through the balls of yarn from the weaving class, I found a small ball that felt very precious to the touch. Cashmere perhaps? It shone a bit, so I figured there was a bit of silk in it too. I quickly adopted it. When I got home, I found its soul mate: a leftover Royal Alpaca. It was the perfect combination to knit THIS SUPER PURL BEE PATTERN . I ADDED A SMALL YELLOW POMPOM , because it makes me happy to make pompoms (a little too much according to my boyfriend).

I ALSO STARTED ANOTHER PAIR OF TROUSERS , which I find very original as a baby knit. PLUS, THEY ARE REALLY CUTE .

And little by little, I knit my sorrow and I prepare this bunch to welcome this new life in love and gentleness, because love is always more powerful, more beautiful and more noble than hatred.

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