The musselburgh toque for sample procrastinators

The « Musselburgh » is a cap inspired by the Watch Caps of World War II: warm, classic and unisex.

All the originality of this pattern comes from its flexibility: you don't bend to its sample, it adapts to yours.

So this magnificent skein of wool forgotten in the back of a closet now has a destiny. It doesn't matter if its label joined the Atlantis of Tupperware lids a long time ago.

What's its sample?

Who cares? But what needle do we knit it with? Here, I'll give you the thing:

  1. I'm doubling my yarn
  2. I'm trying to run it through the holes in the gauge...
  3. This wool will knit well with 4mm (US 6) needles.

Le truc

You have a terrible urge to start your project without going through the starting box (the sample). However, if you skip this pre-requisite, your project has a good chance of ending up in the "gift for the mother-in-law" box.

And now comes the Musselburgh toque.

✨ ~6.70 $ CAD (English)

Starting at the top, you follow the recommended increment ranks (very nice cross effect).

First tip

As soon as you can count the number of stitches per 2.5 cm (1"), you then refer to one of the six (6) samples offered in the pattern.

Depending on the size, you will increase to the right number of stitches. Once this number is reached, you will start with a long flock of jersey, then you will mirror down at the other end of the knitted fabric. Because, uh...

Tip #2

This toque is lined! The hat is folded in half by tucking the end inside and then, a small stitch to secure the whole thing at the top. A really warm hat, perfect for our arctic winters.

This allows you to wear it as a folded Wide Band or Urban Smurf Slouch.

The two current projects

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