Knitting for the baby bunny

It all started the day I learned that after long months of hoping, I was finally expecting my first baby. A strange mixture of stress and uncertainty, all the same overhung by great joy.

As soon as the news was announced to my knitting colleagues and friends, a comment kept coming up: “A winter baby! Brilliant, we'll have to dress him warmly! »

My friend Clara instantly named him the baby bunny. She was as impatient as I was to start knitting her little clothes.

Surrounded by wool every day, I dreamed of seeing my baby dressed in all these incredible yarns. I patiently waited three months to buy the first skeins for my baby, the KOIGU KPPPM ! I really wanted a cardigan made with this wonderful wool that resembles me so much. Natural, pleasant, racy.

As my pregnancy progressed, each milestone was marked by a new yarn. The first ultrasound, reaching the “famous” three months of pregnancy, the moment when I knew I was expecting a girl… And it continues.

After finishing the few projects I started before my pregnancy, I feel the uncontrollable need to prepare for the baby's arrival and build my nest.

I absolutely have to put my emotions (by which I mean hormones) aside when I look at the thousands of knitwear, each cuter than the next, on RAVELRY and concentrate on the precious advice of Céline who, as a mother of three beautiful children , is more objective than me about the real needs that I will have in a few months.

Hats, leg warmers, booties, socks, socks and socks…

Luckily, I have great friends who help me make my trousseau.

Despite this good advice, I got a little carried away by hormones and knitted three sweaters in sizes 0-3 months (although I know my daughter will only be able to wear them a few times).

THE PLAYDATE CARDIGAN by TIN CAN KNITS in Koigu, the superb WEE ENVELOPE by YSOLDA TEAGUE in MOHONK and the adorable SHANGHAÏ WRAP by Céline knitted with HEDGEHOG SOCK YARN in coral color.

With the weeks of pregnancy slipping away, I continue to knit and explore fiber arts.

Weaving: A WOVEN BABY Sling seems like a simple project, but think again. First of all, the dimensions are impressive: 70 centimeters long by 5 meters wide. Then, you have to choose the colors, fiber and pattern you want to weave. Thanks to a great team made up of Anne-Sophie, Valentine and Clara, this project is taking shape. This will be a beautiful scarf made of cotton, silk and linen. Thank you so much friends!

Sewing: First, I made a quilt myself to spruce up the future baby's room a little. While I was at it, I started sewing wipes, pants and finally reusable diapers, why not!

The closer I get to the end, the more the desire to prepare for the arrival of the baby bunny becomes felt. I want my daughter to have the prettiest, softest newborn hat, plenty of organic cotton wipes, enough blankets to keep her warm all winter.

While my belly continues to round out, baby grows and I knit him more and more beautiful clothes.

Above all, don't come too quickly, my bunny: Mom doesn't have enough knitting for you yet!

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