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Summer knitting

In February, I went on a romantic trip to Thailand for 3 weeks First outing, it's 8 a.m., bright sun and 35ºC. Between the long trip, the jet lag and the heat my brain had a little trouble functioning well. One of my vague memories of that first day is a thought that suddenly came to mind during a long bus ride “If I lived here I could never wear my knitwear”.

At the log of the trip I realized that yes indeed I still needed light knitwear from time to time especially to cope with the often very strong air conditioning.

As it is impossible for me not to knit, I thought that the solution would be to knit light fibers – silk, linen, cotton which are perfect for soft and airy clothes.

For the warmth of sunny days and vacations, here is our selection of favorite patterns for the summer season






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