What a funny cardigan.

Uniform , what a funny name for a cardigan book!” I said to myself when it arrived in store.

But, with Carrie Bostick Hoge as designer, it could have been called “Jackets 101”, I would have still bought it! Carrie is one of my favorite designers: classic, well-cut clothes that are worth the investment of time in knitting.

http://lmt.li/uniformcardigan by Carrie Bostick Hoge
📸Carrie Bostick Hoge

Uniform is much more than a book of patterns, it resembles those children's books where you choose the head, the clothes and the shoes. Except that, in this adult version, you choose the length of your jacket, its fit (straight, fitted, A-line), the shape of the sleeves (¾, fitted, kimono), the bottom edges and along the front.

I particularly like the options for the borders because the play of the shortened rows allows for pretty flared shapes in the back.

So, Uniform is a cardigan base but you can knit dozens of them just by changing one option and Presto! A new jacket… Or by changing the material.

It is a book which, once understood, will keep its place in your knitters' library, regardless of the change in fashion.

The complexity of the book comes from the multiple directions it offers, from the different techniques involved in the options. For the past 2 years that I have been teaching this course, I have created documents to make reading easier for my students. This is a great knit to discover many techniques even if the first time you knit the simplest version. The next time you can learn more about a more complex detail!

🎓 Knit a Uniform cardigan, online • Mondays and Saturdays from May 4 at $39.50

Even with the easiest options, you'll learn how to knit a top-down seamless jacket, read a pattern, choose your size correctly, make a valid sample and that's just the beginning...

Looking forward to sharing this great experience with you!

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