Autumn Portraits

I believe fall is the season that mother nature created to make the transition to winter easier and smoother for us. It's starting to 'frette' but we can't really complain because the colors are also so gorgeous.

For knitters, fall is like Christmas for kids. We are waiting for it with great impatience, this moment of being able to take out our knitwear which has been put away all summer.

Céline and I were also very much looking forward to the weekend of October 18 and our departure for NY and Rhinebeck. What is Rhinebeck, you ask me?

Rhinebeck is THE gigantic wool and fiber festival located 45 minutes from New York. A good hundred exhibitors distributed in different buildings, enclosures filled with sheep, goats and alpacas.

Lots of small companies, hand-dyed wools, rare yarns made in small mills. In short, a will of steel is essential not to set fire to your credit card.

There are a lot of people and some kiosks are overrun. When you manage to get your hands on the coveted skein, we have to wait a long time to be able to pay for it. A knit version of Disney World…

ACCORDING TO TRADITION , Céline has specially knitted a cardigan for the festival: THE RAMONA CARDIGAN in Empire, the mega skein of 100% Rambouillet hand-dyed by Jill Draper.

I was counting on having my STROKKUR and my SERAPHIM on me, but the weather was very generous with us: bright sunshine and 20ºC in the afternoon. So I simply wore my LAMINARIA . Remarkable moment of the Festival: having received compliments from STEPHANIE PEAL-MCPHEE on my Laminaria!

After the festival, a day in NY. Breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien, walk in Soho in the afternoon, then head to the High Line, a hot tea to end the day and return to Montreal early the next day to meet our knitters and START OUR NEW CLASS SESSION . And to tell you that we will have a new yarn very soon...

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