The bean project

What will our Knitted House be?

A roof to bring together fiber enthusiasts: knitters, spinners, lacemakers and embroiderers. In order to weave these links, we have a recipe of our own:

  • Take a room large enough for the recipe;
  • Add a small yarn shop; — Pay attention to the quality of your ingredients! This recipe calls for country yarns, skeins of hand-dyed yarns in delicious colors, fluffy balls of alpaca and a little pinch of cashmere . Trademarks will be avoided to focus only on small, mainly Canadian artisans.
  • Mix with a Salon de Thé filled with good soups accompanied by their crispy breads and homemade pastries. Do not forget this step of the recipe, because the tea room will bind all the other ingredients!
  • And finally, offer knitting classes to allow All-Montreal to take advantage of this Knitted House.

Our project is led by a team passionate about the Arts of wool and delicacies. Led by Céline en Laine we want to create an innovative place:

  • A leading figure in teaching knitting in Montreal;
  • A showcase for artisan and country yarns;
  • A tea room to accentuate the relaxation and socializing side of the Arts of wool. This tea room will be available to groups wishing to meet.

Why knitting in particular?

Knitting is a strong element of socialization. Whether it is a young woman who recently immigrated, a future mother desocialized by preventive leave, a mother too alone with her baby during maternity leave or a person on long sick leave, loneliness is too often their common point.

But bring them together over a cup of tea and a piece of cake, surround them with knitters and magic happens!

It's not just a sweater or a scarf that knits, no! These are links which, stitch after stitch, are tightened around confidences and stories exchanged.

Solid friendships are built, moments of conviviality, laughter and sharing are slowly knitting...

The cozy setting of a tea room lends itself perfectly to this intimate atmosphere.

What is on the menu?

In keeping with the spirit of the place, our menu card will be concocted by Murielle, our Antillean-French pastry chef, whose cakes and scones will make you miss a lot of stitches! The tea menu will feature the Montreal company C&G — Taste their aptly named “Petit Bonheur” green tea!

Montreal's Dinette Nationale "Fabrique de Choses Sucre" will satisfy sweet tooths with its shortbread and spreads.

And if you leave without having knitted a lot, at least your stomach will be satisfied!

The world of wool

So much for the tea room, but after delighting the palate, you also have to delight the eye! And it's our love of beautiful fibers that speaks then... We want to honor artisanal wools dyed by hand and produced in Canada for the most part. We have artist-dyers who need to be promoted and we want this shop to be their showcase. In addition, accessories such as buttons, yarn bowls, needle cases, etc. will also be sought after by local craftsmen.

We already work with several of them and present them at craft fairs such as the Aiguille en Fête in Paris, or at the Twist Festival (2012).

We love that behind every object, every delicious bite, every knitted stitch, you can feel the love that the craftsman has put into his creation.

It's time to open the doors of La Maison Tricotée.

Thank you in advance for your support and encouragement, and do not hesitate to share this page in your networks!

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