Carolie's Pink Fizz

Carolie's Pink Fizz

As soon as Carolie sees the ✨ Pink Fizz, Andrea Mowry • $8 USD (English) in her email, she bought it instantly. The combination 🧶 TWEED by weight, 100% merino, fine (sport), 1 g/ 3.8 m, La Maison Tricotée 🧶 Soft Silk Mohair, mohair/silk, lace, 25g/225m ball, Knitting for Olive allows the sweater to keep its shape when worn.

This also allows the sections of lace (lace) to be well highlighted. And then even if this wool combination is a little bigger than the total recommended size, using the same size of needles and taking a larger size of the sweater. This loose style will keep you warm and cozy.

Update your wardrobe of essentials with the comfortable #pinkfizz which will also be the second project of By four ways.

Carolie knitted version size 48 (4th)

✨ Boss

Pink Fizz, Andrea Mowry • $8 USD (English) on Ravelry

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