Le col salsa

The salsa collar

—- To prepare and wait for Christmas, I am going to offer a very special gift to you, my family of Knitters—-

An Advent calendar of free patterns to make something to warm up our loved ones and tell them "I took this time to please you and tell you that I love you". Boss of today: Le Col Salsa.


– Size: Single

- Material:
1 skein of Sookie by Blue Moon (100% Merino; 250g/125m)
1 circular needle 10mm in 60cm circumference
1 yarn needle
1 cable needle
1 marker ring

– Measurements: 52 cm in circumference and 30 cm in height

– Abbreviations:
meV = purl stitch
meD = knit stitch
C2/C2D = Cable cross to the right: Place 2 stitches on the cable needle behind the work, knit the next 2 stitches, then knit the 2 stitches on the cable needle.

– Sample: 8 sts x 14 rows for 10cm by 10cm with 10mm needles in circular stockinette
IMPORTANT . check sample and adjust needle number if necessary

Cast on 60 stitches. Place a marker ring then join in the round, taking care not to twist the stitches.

Set up:
The first 3 rows: *2 meV, 4 meD*, repeat all around from * to *.

row 1: * 2 meV, C2/C2D (see explanation above), 2 meV, 4 meD* repeat until finished measurements.
row 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7: *2 meV, 4 meD*, repeat all around from * to *.

Repeat from row 1 to row 7 until the end of the skein, leaving enough yarn to loosely bind off the collar.

Merry Christmas!!! ˜

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