Le cocon d'amour: Tout un cadeau!

The cocoon of love: Quite a gift!

Did you know that touch is the first sense that the fetus develops? That the skin is the largest organ in the human body? And that skin and touch are both connected to the heart chakra, our center of love and joy? This is why the human being fundamentally needs to be touched. The frequency and quality of skin-to-skin exchanges and physical contact directly influence our level of well-being.

I am Sergine, founder of MAMAN YOGA . And I am delighted to be able to share this post with you, in collaboration with La Maison Tricotée, my creative partner. Passionate about perinatal care and aficionada of knitting, I literally melted when my eyes saw the cocoon of love for the first time. I took it in my hands: and voila, I was done! It was a few months ago at the store. Since then, I haven't stopped knitting it: the cocoon has become a star product in Maman Yoga's offer.

The cocoon effect:

We regularly swaddled my son when he was a baby, because he had trouble organizing himself to find sleep. I had a twinge in my heart not having experienced this before, because Noé has just turned two. (Yes, I admit: the idea crossed my mind to make her one! But I assure you: she spun as quickly as she had arrived.)

Aware of the benefits of swaddling (it is not for nothing that this practice is an ancestral gesture that continues in many cultures), I am keen to participate in the dissemination of this discovery that is the cocoon of love. It provides the same benefits as swaddling. It also offers a certain freedom of movement and an even more enveloping and warm feeling, thanks to the wool or cotton offered by La Maison Tricotée.

The mothers who have obtained the cocoon of love have testified to us of the relief and the deeper and longer sleep that they have observed. For many, their child slept 3 to 4 hours in a row since, versus 30 minutes before. Quite a gift for baby AND for mom!

Not to mention that its use is unbeatably simple.

When to use the cocoon?
From birth to 2 or 3 months.
It will be even more valuable for premature or hypersensitive babies.

At bedtime: newborns need comforting warmth reminding them of intra-uterine sensations and soothing their apprehension of emptiness and cold. They are also prone to certain archaic reflexes, present the first few months, such as the Moro reflex. This can cause uncontrolled movements that interfere with their sleep.

At the end of the day: crying frequently arises for no apparent reason. They are the manifestation of a natural and healthy process of discharging the nervous system. Babies' lives are full of constant change and development. Stress allows them to adapt to it.

In those moments when the need for appeasement is felt, such as colic for example.

In every season. In wool for the winter period, including the end of autumn and the beginning of spring. In cotton for summer, spring and early fall. Note that you can use cotton at any time if baby can't stand wool.

Remember to bring it with you everywhere: it will be very popular this summer in air-conditioned stores or in the evening, during getaways in the park or in nature.

Then your caterpillar of love will become a butterfly, your cocoon will turn into a hat for mom or for baby, when they have grown up. Love is transmitted!


Sergine Sergine Martinez has been committed to the path of yoga since 2006. Mother of a 2-year-old boy, she is passionate about perinatal care, motherhood and children. Certified teacher in yoga, perinatal yoga and yoga for children, she has taught in the most recognized schools in Montreal. Also a certified trainer of the International Association of Baby Massage, Sergine founded MAMAN YOGA to inspire, connect and support mothers and their children, through yoga and mindfulness. She concocts workshops and publications that are as cutting-edge as they are creative.

“You have to feed the babies.
Without a doubt.
Nourish their skin just as much as their belly.
And then, in this ocean of novelty, of the unknown, we have to give them the sensations of the past. Which alone, for the moment, are capable of bringing a feeling of peace and security.
This skin, this back have not forgotten. »

Frederick Leboyer

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