Life in the chrysalis

I read in the very serious "ASTRAPI", that a caterpillar completely dissolves its body, in the chrysalis, before becoming a butterfly.

Well, I'm at the dissolving stage tonight...

The ascent of this mountain, which my own dreams have erected, has begun.

I want these wings that the imagination draws for us, to be used to fly.

Poof, yesterday I was working at L'Effiloché, a yesterday that lasted 7 years. Today, time is running towards tomorrow… Now, I am working to build “La Maison Tricotée”, to build its reality.

The dream must be translated into Lego, thousands of small bricks, thousands of small numbers, thousands of stitches to knit this unique place.

Today I finished the "Business Plan" for the first loan request, 8 hours of brain juice to finalize this recipe with precious ingredients. I am drained, relieved.

One step closer to the top.

Good evening !

PS: For anyone who wants to join me in climbing, don't hesitate to bring a lego brick to the website, it's important to us!

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