La couverture des 365 jours

365 day coverage

Since January, I've been getting the "365 Days" challenge previews from everywhere. These challenges where people create a creative work per day: a drawing, a photo, etc…

We arrive in the month of April and "Paf!", it strikes me: I have to make one!

Late? But, April is a perfect month to start a creative year:

It opens with a day having fun with reality (April Fool's Day)!

So, my challenge(s):

1 – Knit a square per month to make a blanket.

Rules of the game:

– Each month has its own color. For the month of April, I will start with green, symbol of Nature and Hope.

– Every day, I will knit 1 cm in garter stitch (4 rows) in a different yarn and a different shade in the color of the month.

– 4.5 mm needles and 54 stitches to cast on for a height of approximately 30 cm. It doesn't matter how thick the wool is.

2 – At the same time knit in this color.

For the month of April, I will be knitting the “Artichoke” in Jill Draper's Empire.

3 – Make a free pattern in this color.

Who follows me? I would love to share this “multicolor blanket” challenge with others.

I will take a photo every week and post it on Tuesday. Send me yours to my email: for those who want to join me and I will join them to the weekly post.

See you soon!!!


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