I know that I don't know

We know we don't know...

Racism is a terrible scourge and, like poverty, hunger, alienation, it is an evil that we must recognize and eradicate.

I did not experience racism, I had access to many means to move forward in life and carry out my projects. I have never had to suffer violence because of the color of my skin. A privilege of white and class.

As the creator of the House, I had family, friends and a system around me to make this dream come true.

The dream of offering a place to create social ties with woolen threads as a weft.

The Mission which is and will always be its cornerstone: the Human. The human at heart.

La Maison Tricotée is not just a shop. It is a meeting place which is transformed according to the events into a concert hall, theater, conference or daily into a tea room.

It is a roof for all those who share this same community spirit.

And yet, we must be careful not to look at this world with our privileges.

Today we live in a historic moment when it is not enough to be “anti-racist” but also to fight it.

The drama of the assassination of Georges Floyd has brought to light a racism that is as apparent as it is unconscious and systemic.

So, the Maison Tricotée must reaffirm loud and clear its primary mission: to offer a safe space for everyone to share our passion for the fiber.

Without any tolerance for racism or any kind of discrimination. Count on us as allies.

But, the reflection can go further, the inclusive character of our space can and must improve.

For this, we need an open dialogue with you. We need you to make this Knitted House a real place for everyone.

You can write to me in person at celine@lamaisontricotee.com to share our ideas.

From the entire Maison Tricotée team.

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