Il était une fois

Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a knitter...

Oh, not a winter knitter, like those little cicadas that put away their needles in the first rays of the sun. No, a real one, surrounded by colorful wools like so many Easter eggs scattered around the house or in all the strata of her handbags.

Her name is Céline en Laine, because if one day the scalpel opens her body, there will be enough to knit a pair of mittens!

Céline knits all day long, stories, friendships, pieces of knitting that cap the kids' hair. She teaches her passion and passes the baton from girls to needles...

Every Friday, his house is bricked. Butter, sugar and flour invite chocolate, caramel or other guests to dance. The cakes stand quietly on the table, the tea is infused. For whom this sweet Sabbath?

The Knitters! Who from one o'clock take their place around the red tablecloth and arm themselves with forks or knitting needles!

Today, I open this new blog, a first brick towards “the Knitted House”.

A Knitted House? Yes, a tea room to gather among enthusiasts with its beautiful wool shop and its knitting school.

To follow his construction, from his skeleton of dreams to his woolen coat, here is his logbook...

Coming soon: Céline en Laine knitting patterns, cooking recipes and online store of artisanal yarns.

Welcome to my web; )

Celine in Wool

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