Il était une fois Riverside Studio

Once upon a time Riverside Studio

Kathryn is recognized for her works, she flourishes in exhibitions and galleries in Quebec. Abstraction is its expression.

Seven years ago, Kathryn encountered knitting, RAVELRY , and the world that is passionate about it. Immediately excited by this new field of exploration, she looks at the dye with envy...

It was through social networks that she met Julie, an experienced knitter, and Maurin. Having become a real gang, they exchange projects and talk with pleasure about colors, fibers, and techniques.

The studio was born like this, in Wakefield.

< I started with a few linens, then brought the first balls of wool from New Zealand. At the beginning, I followed the chemical formulas to the letter, now I am moving more towards experimentation. >

The store on Etsy was starting to do well when Riverside Studio participated in the TWIST FESTIVAL . Céline encounters the colorful universe of the brand, and is immediately hooked!

Today Riverside Studio is running at full capacity, Julie has left her job to work full time with Kathryn. The beautiful duo was built on common passions: hand dyeing. They like the surprises of the trade, the pigments, the temperatures, the baths...

Innovate in technique and explore different renderings, to express yourself through color. Then, beyond the Studio, Kathryn transmits the art of dyeing with attention and love.

From tests to project development, the range of yarns has grown, we see the famous SUPER SOCK , the beautiful frosted STELLINA , the comfortable MERINO SINGLES WORSTED , the luminous MERINO SINGLES FINGERING , and others...

But Kathryn and Julie have especially colored their friendship.

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