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To write this article, I asked the brand Hedgehog Fibers for photos and a biography.

I received a smooth and effective summary like a cough syrup, no photos from the studio (professional secret) but a few well-polished shots that will look good in the text. I particularly like the one above which shows Beata in a classic frock coat, surrounded by vibrant colors.

And I said to myself: “That’s a real start to talking about Hedgehog Fibers!” »

Because the creator of the brand, its artistic director, is Beata Jezek, a young Slovak, adopted child of green Ireland for a decade. Dyeing wool began as an extension of her other passions: Spinning, Knitting, Crocheting.

But, there it is, it’s a pernicious spiral! Especially when you like colors like Beata… Very quickly, she began to create the colors she wanted to wear, then imagined starting her own range of yarns.

The colors of Hedgehog reflect the personal style of this Slavic soul: sometimes dark and earthy, sometimes lyrical, vibrant, almost fluorescent depending on his moods. In 2008, his friends encouraged him to sell his wool and Hedgehog Fibers was born. Why Hedgehog and not Raccoon Fibers? A little secret: Jezek in Slovak means Hedgehog = Hedgehog in English.

In 10 years, this hedgehog has come a long way! The most prominent designers have used his threads for patterns that have sold by the thousands. By deciphering the major trends of the last 4 years, the name Hedgehog Fibers constantly appears. A little look back at the interaction between Béata and Fashion:

“Let them knit Brioche!” » (The real quote from Marie Antoinette).

4 years ago, Brioche made its appearance again! This stitch, which was the delight of Victorian knitters for knitting footstools, has become THE technique to master. A little video recap by Stephen West: IT'S BRIOCHE STITCH .

Stephen West is the enfant terrible of Planet Tricot (for those who skipped, click on the link above!). He upsets the very idea of ​​the composition of the shawl, he is a brilliant and crazy experimenter, capable of the worst as well as the best depending on where you are in the color spectrum.

Exploration Station Shawl by Stephen West

In 2014, he published on Ravelry the pattern for the EXPLORATION STATION shawl which, to date, has generated 5602 projects on Ravelry. Tangible proof of global enthusiasm? The Exploration Station appears on the first page and first line if you search for “Brioche Shawl” on the site. What wools were used for this famous project? … I help you, it starts with an H. Next, our pink-cheeked Dutchman published: THE DOODLER , and in a slightly more disturbing style the EYEBALL SHAWL . And, all these bosses use... Yes! wool H.! The perfect marriage between Stephen's eccentric and theatrical personality and Beata's electric colors. Other creators have revealed themselves through Brioche. To name just a few: Susanne Sommer and her SHUSUI SHRUG , Lesley Ann Robinson and her SIZZLE POP . These designers were able to draw inspiration from this magic point and bring it into the 19th century. Using… H-wool.

Sizzle pop

"TO FADE OR NOT TO FADE: THAT IS THE QUESTION!" » (Real quote from Hamlet).

In 2016, a new revolution in our community of Tricahooliques, a Queen appears alongside our Burlesque King: Andrea Mowry, the queen of "FADE"... If the brioche continues to disturb knitters with its BRKYOBRK, the concept of the gradient or "Fade » is all the rage! Everyone wants to knit Andrea's FIND YOUR FADE , a gigantic shawl using no less than… 7 skeins of… Hedgehog yarn! This pattern exceeds the score of Exploration Station and has 7234 projects on Ravelry. On the counters of wool shops, people spend hours trying to find the perfect fade.

Find your Fade Shawl

Andrea Mowry reuses her winning recipe in many designs: WHAT THE FADE , FREE YOUR FADE,…

Beata becomes the apostle of “Speckles”, those freckles that speckle skeins like rainbow sprinkles on ice cream. These allow you to make subtle transitions from one color to another, like confetti of yang that mingle with yin... (You haven't heard it (a thousand times?) Knitting is the new Yoga !).

Beata knew how to knit with the biggest fashion trends, in an interactive and inspiring dynamic.

Today, his most popular yarn “Sock Yarn” represents 19016 projects on Ravelry. Her yarns are sold all over the world: La Maison Tricotée (corner Rhester and Gilford), Japan, Australia, Europe… Each new collection of colors arouses excitement in our community. That's good, the new colors are coming this summer!

To discover the colors of Beata, go to the shelves of the online store: HEDGEHOG SOCK

Beata Jezek

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