The story behind Samurai Mitts

Knitting is a wonderful time machine. By following its multicolored threads, we discover a heritage of endless techniques and patterns. Diving into Latvian traditions for the conference on their mitts, I treated myself to a 5-course visual meal!

As a 19th century designer, I wanted to integrate their history into a project. To repeat these gestures from another country and adopt them, to “Latvianize” myself a little!

Samurai mittens were born from this meeting. And, it sounds like a love story. At first, we look at what’s on the shelves, like a “Tinder” party in our yarn stash.

Before being sure that "It's the GOOD!", I go on a frenzied "serial dating". In short, I sample like a series of flirtations without consequence.

I look for inspiration from past love stories. Like this magnificent kimono found in a second-hand store or this “Alpacryl” scarf bought in Peru.

I experiment, I get excited one night only to be disillusioned in the early morning.

I knit a mitten on Monday and cut out the bottom on Tuesday. And, after many “Oh! », « Eurek-ketain !!! ".

I find my little love story, a beautiful balance between colors and patterns.

All that remains is to transcribe the mess of my notes, tame the software for the charts and put the b..., "the mess" in a corner to take a beautiful Instagrammable photo (Yes, my whole house looks like that , 10 minutes per month!).

If you liked my story, come to the conference on the tradition of Latvian Mittens.

If you want to live it? Knit the Samurai mittens:


Another time for other adventures !

The Trico-Storyteller!

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