Gaufres Liégeoises

waffles Liégeoises

—- To prepare and wait for Christmas, I am going to offer a very special gift to you, my family of Knitters—-

An Advent calendar of free patterns and recipes to make something to warm up our loved ones and tell them "I took this time to please you and tell you that I love you". Today's recipe: Liégeoise waffles from La Maison Tricotée.


- Ingredients:
500 grams of flour
2 eggs
50 grams of sugar
1 pinch of salt
200 grams of melted butter
½ glass of beer
2 dl of milk
2 dl of water
100 grams of granulated maple sugar + 50 grams of sugar

Beat the 2 eggs with the sugar. Add water, milk and beer and mix well.
Gradually add the flour to your mixture.

Then, incorporate the melted butter and the pinch of salt.

Leave the dough to rest for a minimum of ½ hour. Just before cooking, add the maple sugar with the sugar.

Oil the plates of a waffle iron and pour ½ ladleful of batter for each waffle. Cook until you get nice golden waffles.

Enjoy your meal! ˜

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