La fête des mères (et une histoire !)

Mother's Day (and a story!)

On Sunday, May 13, we will celebrate mothers, the women who gave us life.

For businesses, it's the kind of party we enjoy because, let's not be hypocritical, our tofu or our steak, we owe it to you!

But before giving you good ideas to please Knitting Moms, I want to offer you a story… A testimony of my mother-daughter relationship and what role the Maison Tricotée played in it.

It would be quite realistic to say that I was the ugly duckling of the brood. Besides, I was born upside down, two feet in front, ready to jump into the world!

A bohemian artist in a family of scientists! The fairy who leaned over my cradle must have had a good laugh when she gave me my "gifts" or a hell of a party the night before.

In short, very early on, it appeared that I was adventurous, creative and a poet in a tribe whose totem was organization (see the routine), and the creed: instructions for use read to the letter… Mom told me once called "the unpinned grenade".

I would have liked to see pride in his eyes when I went on stage (I was a storyteller…), or when I won a scholarship to go solo to live with the Mayan Indians. But, above all, it was fear for my future that filled his eyes.

And, being a mother myself, I can understand it now.

About forty years after my first cry, a change of continent, and I created my most beautiful work until today: THE KNITTED HOUSE.

A place where I could express my love of colours, materials and people… And, for the first time, I saw this light in Mom's eyes! Or, rather, I heard it first when she said, almost naturally to a client, “Yes, my daughter is the owner” (and I am the owner of this daughter…).

In this magical place, we work side by side, she lending me a hand whenever she visits Quebec.

Because, the Maison Tricotée is a reflection of my values, as much as hers: she likes to take care of people and she has always liked to create with her hands... She recognizes there the fruit that she has borne as I recognize that what she taught me carried my dream.

Like any good storyteller, I would like to conclude that the apple never falls far from the tree even if that apple looks like a blue orange.

Happy mother's day !

And now for the Ideas (TOFU!!!)

1- A good Mother-Daughter moment: This Sunday, May 13, I will cook for you my chocolate cake (calories don't count that day) and my lemon pie according to the super secret family recipe. So why not come and have tea while chatting among the balls of wool?

2- a lesson for two! We will offer 15% on the second registration. I particularly recommend the course to create your own dream catcher on May 19: DREAM CATCHER CREATION

3- A Moment of Music with a tray of English tea! Our next event will take place on Sunday May 20: JAZZ TEA TIME

4- A gift certificate and you will leave it to us to help him enjoy himself! GIFT CERTIFICATE

5- We received beautiful spring bags to go knitting in the park. And lots of other ideas...

Above all, wishing you beautiful moments of complicity with your Mom!

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