Fais le pas!

Take the step!

I am a mule head. My parents as well as all those who had the pleasure of supporting me will tell you . That's why when, 6 months ago, I pitched the idea of ​​knitting a sweater to my boyfriend and Ariane cried “No! Take the step! “, I hastened to put my project into execution. I was of course aware of the superstition of the “BOYFRIEND SWEATER”, A SUPERSTITION SO WIDE OVER THAT IT EVEN ENTITLED TO AN ARTICLE ON WIKIPEDIA . But after more than two years of relationship – an absolutely incredible record in my young eyes – it seemed like it was time to get down to business. It's nice to argue over who will do the dishes, but a sweater is another story! It was time to put my relationship to the ultimate test. And then, if I could prove Ariane wrong by the way, I was killing two things with one stitch!

Before getting started, I armed myself with cynicism in order to demystify this good old adage “DON'T KNIT A THING BEFORE THE RING”

It's really long a sweater. Especially for a man. It's very cute to fantasize about manly arms and a large torso, but it's less fun when it comes to covering said torso with wool! The long working hours required are not unrelated to these ruptures. Already, when you knit a hat, it is unlikely that between the moment you buy the wool and the moment you bring in your threads, say, 5 days later so as not to complicate anyone, your perfect idyll will start to struggle. the wing. However, it is much more likely that a couple will break up within 2 or 3 months.

Aside from the question of probability, there is also the fact that a sweater is really long. I know, I'm repeating myself, but since it's a long long time, it's a real commitment for a knitter, even an expert. She risks seeing this commitment as an immeasurable gift of love and either feeling wronged in return or frustrated that it is not accepted at its true value. After all, will her partner realize the magnitude of this gift? And will he be able to rise to the occasion?

After making sure that my boyfriend realized what an extraordinary person I was for knitting him a sweater and that he understood its value – which wasn't so difficult knowing that he lives buried under my balls of wool and knows how to knit himself – I was finally ready to cast on my stitches. For the rest, I didn't care too much. If the odds ended our relationship before I stopped knitting, at least I could keep a boyfriend sweater if I didn't still have a boyfriend! As for rising to the occasion, knowing that he had endured me all this time, I almost thought of knitting him a medal.

Not finding a perfect pattern, I decided to take the opportunity to test the TOP-DOWN SWEATER TECHNIQUE TEACHED BY CLARA . After a high school flashback evening spent doing math and several false starts, I tackled the beast. No way am I letting superstition win! And, although I had to overcome the little voice of Ariadne that echoed in my head, the syndrome of compulsive new knitting projects, the heat of summer and many other dragons, I can today announce my victory over superstition: I still have a boyfriend, except that now he has a nice sweater to get through the winter!

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