Des coups de coeurs pour la Tina

Favorites for Tina

La Maison Tricotée launches its new yarn: LA TINA

100% machine washable merino wool, 21.5 microns, four-ply twisted, Fingering size.

The TINA is knitted with 2.25 to 3.25 mm needles for a sample of 28 to 24 stitches, it will be perfect for your SOCKS, CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES . Thanks to the great softness of merino, TINA is also recommended for knitting baby/child clothes.

Like its big sister the CASA , the TINA is sold by weight, starting at 10 grams to provide you with the perfect amount for your projects.

Here are our RAVELRY favorites for experimenting with this beautiful wool:

For socks:

TODDLER SOCKS by Purl Soho and BUSINESS CASUAL by Tanis Lavallée

For Shawls:

SOUTHERN SPIRIT by Joji Locatelli and LEFTIE by Martina Behm

For Camis:

ALCOMAR by Hanna Maciejewska and WATERLILY by Meghan Fernandes

For Cardigans:

KOLMARDEN JACKET by Kristen Orme and CONFETTI by Sonja Bargielowska

For Beanies:

PEERIE FLOOERS by Kate Davies and VANILLA FOG by Andrea Mowry

For Babies:

ROCKY by Tin Can Knits and WEE LIESL by Ysolda Teague

For kids:

BLUE FLOWER by Christelle Nihoul and ATLAS by Jared Flood

For Covers:

FLY AWAY by Tin Can Knits (knitted double) and SMELLS LIKE DECAF by Carrie Briggs

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