Embroider patches online

Learn how to embroider badges for free with La Maison Tricotée. Clara Quintela will accompany you every day in its creation.

[Updated] Second cohort

We are evaluating the possibility of starting a new cohort. If you are interested, register here and we will send you all the details: https://mailchi.mp/0db885a722e6/broderie-en-direct-cohorte-2

[Updated] Live Session Summary

Day 1

Online Embroidery Course 1

We start the course with a heart-shaped patch by introducing ourselves to back stitch and satin stitch: http://lmt.li/broderie-en-direct-jour1-part1 and we finish our patch with felt: http ://lmt.li/broderie-en-direct--jour1-part2

Day 2

Online Embroidery Course 2

A pretty way to embroider a rainbow, with French knots and point and chain: http://lmt.li/broderie-live-jour2

Day 3

Online Embroidery Course 3

First, learn several techniques for attaching the patch to clothing. Then we start a little cactus with back stitches, satin stitch and needle painting (short & long): http://lmt.li/broderie-live-jour3

Day 4

Online Embroidery Course 2

Learn how to decorate an already embroidered piece by adding some seed stitch details. We will take the opportunity to add small pompom flowers. We will end with needle painting for the pomegranate which we will start the next day http://lmt.li/broderie-live-jour4

Day 5

Online Embroidery Course 2

Learn how to insert beads to finish your pomegranate. Next, a short introduction to the history of Sashiko, traditional Japanese embroidery. http://lmt.li/broderie-live-jour5

Bonus Day

Bonus classes coming soon. :)

How to participate in the course?

Step 1 — join the group (free)

Join the Facebook group:


From Monday, March 23 at 9:09 a.m., Clara will begin the patch embroidery live with you on Facebook. And this, every day of the week until Friday. So you can join her every morning or listen to the video replay whenever you want.

Step 2 — Get the kit

La Maison Tricotée offers you a kit to make it. You can now order it online, delivery is free! 🚛 Embroidery kit: http://lmt.li/broderie-en-direct-kit

  • One (1) piece of fabric 24cm x 24cm
  • One (1) piece of felt
  • One (1) charcoal paper
  • One (1) hoop
  • One (1) embroidery needle
  • One (1) pin
  • One (1) spool with ten (10) pieces of thread in various colors
  • One (1) stitch guide
  • One (1) sheet with drawing suggestions

At home you will also need white glue, scissors and a pencil.

Step 3 – Join the community of enthusiasts.

It starts Monday at 9:09 a.m. with our bright, Clara.

Looking forward to embroidering with you!


Clara Quintela

After being a journalist for almost two decades, Clara decided to put writing aside and put "thread in her ideas". The idealist who chose journalism hoping to change the world, however, still lives within her.

Now that she has put aside her pencil, her needles are her tools, embroidery allowing her to let color bring the images that make up her works to life. She is also proficient in knitting, crocheting, spinning and weaving and also uses these techniques to express her thoughts.

The make do and mend philosophy is part of my life. Whenever possible, I create my items using traditional needlework techniques to give a second life to the materials and objects I collect all around me.

You visit Clara on Facebook, Instagram and Ravelry .

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