In search of the glass slipper...

How did the story of my History begin?

In 2015, with a shock team, we are preparing a storybook with the knitting patterns of the characters.

Its release is scheduled for next August.

Currently, I am in the process of writing with the creation of knitting patterns. The writing of the tale is the most complex.

The search for the right word resembles Cinderella's quest: Find the foot that will fit the glass slipper...

But how did I know I had to write this story? It was an innocuous afternoon at La Maison Tricotée. Something was missing, a feeling inside. An old grief that had settled there permanently. And, that afternoon, he was gone, without shouting or drumming. Simply gone, after so many months of sharing my daily life. He had left with much more discretion than when he was installed! And the story began...

As a preview, I am attaching some photos of the current project and its main character.

More info in the weeks to come.

And for next week, a new free preview pattern to celebrate our arrival in Paris for “L'Aiguille en Fête”. Find the Maison Tricotée at stand F6 (close to the workshops, etc.).


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