2014: Let's knit the reality of tomorrow according to our desires

When I think of this new year, I remember those few hours of reflection, while I was walking in the park with my companion, in full labor before Rose was born.

I had so wanted this little one, that when it was time to finally embrace my baby, in flesh and blood, anxiety competed with excitement.

Because, what new desire could I put in my engine of passion to advance towards tomorrow?

From contractions to contractions, I was mourning this dream about to incarnate while my daughter made her way towards us. And, shortly before finally delivering her from the darkness, a light shone:

My dream of having a child was transformed into a desire to raise a child, to transmit to him this possibility of marveling, of creating. Which program! I was ready to meet her...

Lo and behold, in 2013, the Maison Tricotée also became a beautiful reality. And now?

Same program!!!

  • Working to maintain our excitement and wonder when we open a package full of hand-dyed yarns,
  • Welcoming anyone who walks through the door with the pleasure of meeting new people and sharing our passion.
  • Transmit this art of Knitting through our courses in a gourmet and friendly atmosphere.
  • Create lots of magical and funny moments to laugh, and experience good times all together,

So, we promise, for 2014, there will be extraordinary yarns, bingo and storytelling evenings, dynamic classes and all this in the good smell of chocolate cookies and tea!

We wish you a thousand and one desires, dreams and desires to dress up this new year with a reality full of happiness, love and JOY!!!


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