La floraison des oubliés : rencontre en peinture & teintures …

The blooming of the forgotten: meeting in painting & dyes…

I have always designed my shop as a meeting place.

Human encounters of course (and above all!) but also the joyful and unpredictable crossbreeding of the Arts among the skeins of colors... This is how the Maison Tricotée has hosted concerts of Blues, Jazz, storytelling evenings, etc...

This spring, we have the pleasure of lending our walls to the works of Quebec painter Michel Belleau.

A painter that I know very well because… he is the neighbor of La Maison Tricotée! We no longer count the evenings spent chatting in his studio.

His lyrical paintings are part of several prestigious public and private collections. Personally, I like to let my imagination travel among these moving landscapes punctuated by trees. These seaweed bubbles rising or escaping from a pileup of colors.

So it was written (painted, knitted?) that his paintings would land among my wools.

The exhibition "The Flowering of the Forgotten" will be held from April 20 to May 20, 2018.

On Friday April 20, from 6:00 p.m., we will open the event with an opening hosted by a trio of Jazz Gypsy. The artist's studio will be open for the occasion (it is located right next to the boutique).

On this occasion, I proposed to Kathryn from Riverside Studio and Julie Asselin to dye a duo of yarns inspired by the master canvas of the exhibition. Today, I present to you the creations of Riverside Studio.

Here is the photo of a fragment of the canvas that was sent to him:

and Kathryn created two gorgeous shades:

The first drawn from this velvety brown where mauves shimmer and we baptized it: “Souvenirs naufragés”.

The second, inspired by turquoise, where oranges, navy blues and this brown velvet are kaleidoscoped, its name: “Ascent to the light”.

The duo was dyed on a base of fine wool exclusive to the Maison Tricotée: La MCN Twist (115 gr/ 375 m, 80% Merino, 10% Cashmere and 10% Nylon). It goes on sale for $64 starting April 20. It was published in very limited quantities and can already be pre-ordered in store (phone: 514 903 9665 and email:

And, if you are wondering what to do with these two marvels… I offer you a small selection of my favorites… With a big weakness for the “Breathing space” sweater by Veera välimäki! All the links to visit these patterns have been placed under the photos.

Shawl "All About that Brioche"


“Lovella” shawl


Shawl "Silmarillion"


"Breathing Space" Sweater


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