Spice & Spark suggestions

You certainly saw Andrea Mowry's gorgeous new patterns, Spark and Spice . Made using worsted-weignt yarn, it's the perfect classic cardigan with all-over colorwork. 🧥 What we love about this colorwork is it's super easily to personalize; you can decide to use only one color, or you can go for a fade. Here are the team's suggestions of color combination using 🧶 Casa, 100% peruvian wool, worsted, 200 m/100g . Because it's a yarn that can be bought by the gram, sky's the limit when it comes to how many colors you want to use in your fade! Just make sure to use an odd number of contrasting colors for a harmonious look 🎨 Feel free to contact us for more info!
You've probably seen designer Andrea Mowry's two gorgeous new patterns, the Spark and the Spice . Made of medium weight wool (worsted), these cardigans offer a variation on this classic garment by adding jacquard throughout their length. 🧥 What we love about this jacquard is that it is very easy to personalize it; you can use a single color, or opt for a gradient. Here are the team color combination suggestions in the 🧶 Casa, 100% Peruvian wool, medium (worsted), 200m/100g . Since this is a yarn sold by weight, there is no limit to the number of colors you can use in your gradient! Just be sure to use an odd number of colors for a harmonious look 🎨 Contact us to compose your kit!
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