Information session: Knitting your Ranunculus

Live on Facebook or Youtube:

Course: at $29.95 in presale on July 3, 4 and 5.

Kit: -Catherine, Ophélie & Céline have prepared natural and funky colors for you.

Design: available in English for ~CAD $5.75 on Ravelry

Midori Hirose's Ranunculus is a little sweater that has won over thousands of knitters. His secret? It is knitted in a wide variety of yarn sizes, each time changing its appearance. Depending on the wool, it becomes a small summer top or a winter cocoon sweater. It offers several options: short, long sleeves, simple or wide neckline.

Its top-down construction allows you to adjust the length of the body and sleeves to your liking. The neckline is enhanced by textured stitches and lace patterns, giving it a romantic yet contemporary feel.

Cherry on the Sundae? It is knitted with large needles and makes it a quick knit that does not consume much wool.

You won't knit the Ranunculus, you will knit Ranunculus!
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