Inspiration Clémence

Inspiration Clémence

You certainly know about Huacaya Alpacas, but do you know about Suri Alpacas? These graceful animals have draping locks of lustrous silky fiber. They represent about 4% of all alpacas. Once it's spun, its fiber is similar to mohair - only thicker and fluffier. You can easily substitute two strings of mohair with one of suri. Use it to make a sweater, it will feel like you're wearing a cloud 🦙 🧶 Clemence, 74% suri/26% silk, lace, 50g/320m - Emilia & Philomene
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✨ Catherine ❤️ October Day Sweater, Masha Zyablikova ~9$ CAD (English)

✨ Ophelia ❤️ Cherry Cocktail Blouse, Alice Hammer ~12$ CAD (English, French, Japanese)

✨ Céline ❤️ Pink Velvet Sweater, Andrea Mowry ~11$ CAD (English)

Surely you know the huacaya alpacas, but do you know the suris alpacas? These magnificent beasts have a coat made up of long, lustrous locks. They make up about 4% of the total alpaca population. When spun, the fiber provides a thicker, fluffier version of mohair. A strand of suri can easily replace 2 strands of mohair. Wearing a suri knitted sweater is like wearing a cloud. 🦙 🧶Clemence, 74% suri/26% silk, lace (lace), 50g/320m - Emilia & Philomene
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