Cotton-merino Inspiration

Cotton merino Inspiration

Some knitters cry when summer comes, and some others know about #cotton. This soft and light cotton-merino blend is perfect to knit garments you'll want to wear all-year round. Here are some of the team's favorite patterns, some needing only 100 g of yarn 🧶 Cotton-merino, 70% cotton and 30% non-mulesed #merino, light fingering, 50 g/250 m - Knitting for Olive

✨ Ophelia ❤️ Bellis Tee, Fiber Tales 8$ CAD (English)

✨ Celine ❤️ Tank NO. 2, My Favorite Things 8$ CAD (English)

✨ Emi ❤️ Houluulu, rievive 8$ CAD (English)

✨ Cath ❤️ Cumulus Tee, PetiteKnit $8 CAD (English)

There are knitters who cry when summer sets in, and there are those who know cotton. This soft and light blend of cotton and merino is perfect for making garments that can be worn all year round. Here are the team's favorite patterns, some requiring as little as 100g of yarn 🧶Cotton-merino, 70% cotton and 30% merino from unmuzzled sheep, lace (light fingering), 50g/250m - Knitting for Olive : _

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