Quel châle avec la SOIE et LIN de HandMaiden ?

Which shawl with SILK and LINEN from HandMaiden?

The shine of silk and the soft rusticity of linen, a marriage made to last!

The HandMaiden dyers love the fusion of silk and linen so much that they offer it to us in 3 sizes:

Lino - 800 m/100 grams for a lace thread.

The Flyss - 400 m/100 grams for a fingering yarn

Flaxen - 250 m/100 grams for DK yarn.

The composition is the same for this beautiful little family: 65% Silk and 35% Linen for a luxurious yarn that combines the luster of silk in the matte setting of Linen. The effect is opal, soft, resistant.

Pompom on the hat, the linen blocks wonderfully. The lace designs open and stay in place as if starched.

How to highlight these precious threads?

Here are some suggestions depending on the size.

Lino is a lace that lends itself to airy lace.

Janina Kallio's "Starlight" stole features a garter stitch base with the traditional "Feather and Fan". Simple to make, it will be a delicate accessory on summer dresses. A single skein of Lino will be enough to make it.

To discover the pattern (in English and for a fee): CLICK

The Flyss is the "little sister" of the LINO with its fingering size.

Easier to knit for your first shawl, linen makes it easier to knit lace by limiting the "slippery" effect of silk.

The "ISHBEL" shawl by Ysolda Teague is a great classic (14444 projects on Ravelry) and available in several sizes. With a single skein, you will make sizes 1 and 2 (123 cm / 128 cm width to a depth of 37cm / 42cm).

This shawl is a real joy to knit thanks to the clear pattern and the various tutorials from Ysolda that have made her reputation.

To discover his pattern (in English and for a fee), it’s here: CLICK

Joji Locatelli's " Storm shawl" is a combination of garter stitch, elongated stitches, yarn overs and shortened rows for the prettiest effect.

A single skein will be enough to make it.

Discover the pattern here (In English and for a fee): CLIC

The Nelia shawl by Ambah Obrien offers a structured scarf with simple openings.

A single skein will be sufficient for size 1 (195.5 cm in length and 21.5 cm in width).

Discover the pattern (in French and English and for a fee) here: CLIC

Flaxen is the big sister of this family.

A medium yarn that will be perfect for quick projects.

Sophie Scarf by Petiteknit has become a classic in a few months. A simple and quick little scarf to knit with its garter stitch and I-Cord finish.

Treat yourself to the beautiful Flaxen for a silk and linen choker! Only one skein will be needed.

Discover the pattern (in French and paying) here: CLICK

Wishing you hours of fun!

Warm regards, Celine

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