You may have heard a rumor circulating in recent weeks. La Maison Tricotée is going to have a little sister! The rumors are true! We are pleased to announce the opening by September of a second House. It will be located in Angus City.

More details will come, but our customers who do not live in the city of Montreal will be delighted to learn that a parking space will be available there!

(Yes, right here!!!).

But, for now, our House looks like this:

The regulars of the Maison Tricotée know that one of our objectives is to make you feel as if you were at home: a comfortable, pleasant place, where fiber is in the spotlight. We want to bring some of this energy into the new shop, and that's why we thought of creating a large green wall BUT, knitted by us... and by you!

(Easier to maintain!)

Why participate?

The goal of this collective work is to bring together the talents of our customers by highlighting the beautiful community that is that of La Maison Tricotée. Over the years, we have developed real connections and we are proud to have loyal, creative and inspiring people in our entourage. The green wall will be its symbol, a way of infusing the new space with all the positive energies that characterize us. Each little plant knitted or crocheted by the employees and customers of La Maison Tricotée will be a permanent reminder that together, we manage to do great things! Patterns were selected in advance by Céline to ensure aesthetic consistency on the wall. You will find them a little further down this page! Otherwise, don't hesitate to let your imagination run wild.

How to participate ?

Two methods have been implemented.

1. With the yarn from your stash : if you have leftover green yarn that you would like to use for the project, we invite you to do so by knitting or crocheting one of the patterns identified below.

2. With the wool from our stash : a box will be made available to you in the shop, in which you can select a color that you like in order to make a small plant that will then be added to the wall. If you are unable to come to the store but would like to participate, contact us by email or phone and we can find a solution.

A few more bits of information:

- The name of all the people who participate will be written on a label - which will be displayed near the work.

- We recommend the use of natural fibers only (cotton, wool, silk, etc.).

- Obviously, since it is a green wall, we ask that the color green be in the spotlight !

- Small bees could also join the plants! (Free pattern and in French right here -->

- Participation is voluntary and unpaid .

- We invite you to create your little crochet or knit plant.



- Lamb's Ear -->

- Ivy Leaf Cord -->

- Tikkuntree Olive Branch -->

- Woodland Wreath Ivy -->

- Woodland Wreath Leaves -->

- Woodland Wreath Oak -->

- Crochet Succulents -->

- Crassula Plant -->

- Little Yarn Garden -->

- More crochet succulents -->

- Fern Leaf (free YouTube video, paid PDF pattern) -->


- ($2.30) A little taste of spring -->

- ($7.70) Felted Pots -->

- ($6.41) Mini Houseplant Trio -->

- ($3.85) Succulent Plant -->

- ($5.14) Cyclops Pot Plant -->

- ($4.60) Monstera Leaf -->

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