The reputation of the designs of the Norwegian PetiteKnit is well established. Recognized for the simplicity and timeless appearance of the clothes she creates, the designer continually renews constructions, styles and structures by revolutionizing the world of contemporary knitting. In an effort to showcase our in-house “Arequipa” yarn, Ariane recently knitted the Weekend Slipover, a woolly top that can be worn over a long-sleeved sweater or worn on its own. Ideal for layering (i.e. superimposing several layers of clothing), the Weekend Slipover – because it has no sleeves – will become a must-have this winter for hiking (perfect under a coat ) or on an outdoor day with family and friends! Ariane's verdict is unequivocal: the wire and project match is perfect!

A little more about Arequipa

Composed of 100% baby alpaca, the Arequipa is Worsted caliber (100g/200m). However, it can be knitted on a wide variety of samples – it will depend on the needles used – but it can easily be worked like DK. Like most of our house yarns, it comes from Peru. The range of colors available is diverse, ranging from earthy browns, to popping yellows and blues, to deep greens and pinks. Each color is marked with small colorations that give depth to the color. We love the “Confetti” shade, a pink dotted with touches of mauve, green and even blue!

La Arequipa in the "Confetti" colorway

In addition to its high quality, Arequipa is recognized for its incomparable softness, which will appeal to the most sensitive skin.

About the project

Eight days after starting her Slipover, Ariane was already putting the needles down: it only took her a very short time to complete her new slipover. Knitted on 5.5mm needles , and not to mention the fact that it has no sleeves, the Weekend Slipover is a quick project for knitters, intermediate level knitters. In order to obtain the exact sample, and to add a touch of warmth and softness, Ariane joined her strand of Arequipa with a strand of Mohair from Knitting For Olive. Here is the information to remember, in bulk:

  • 200g of Arequipa and 2 ½ balls of KFO mohair were needed to make the medium size. Ariane chose the color “Noisette” in the Arequipa and the mohair “Nut Brown”.
  • The pattern is complete and gives access to a variety of YouTube links for techniques that are not known or mastered.
  • The pattern is available on Ravelry and on the designer's website . It is available for busts from 31 1/2'' to 59'' (XS - 5XL).

Have you had the chance to knit the Arequipa?

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