Le Tweed : Laissez vous chanter la verte Érin

The Tweed: Let the green Érin sing to you

For centuries wool has invited us to travel...

Between your stitches sings a traditional and secular know-how.

Let's catch the soul of the green Erin with their famous "Donegall Tweed".

Hidden in the bushes, the leprechauns sip a little whiskey under the good-natured gaze of the sheep. The landscape of Donegall with its hills at the edge of the ocean inspires a breathtaking palette. (below, the Macean color)

TWEED by weight, 100% merino, medium (aran), 1 g/1.9 m

The woolen tradition is omnipresent in this country "the rainiest in Europe". With 250 days of rain per year, you will never see so many rainbows in a single day! As Jules Renard wrote: "The rain places a mirror of stars on the ground" .

No wonder Ireland is so rich in knitters and weavers, because what's better than a big sweater when the humidity makes you shiver? (a warm Guinness?)

Photo credit and pattern (in English): Amy Cristoffers - The Farmhouse Cardigan

Through the centuries, in the cottages of Donegall, daily life was punctuated by the spinning wheels, the rattling of needles and the loom.

(Painting by Irish painter Maurice Canning Wilks 1910-1984).

The yarns obtained after the carding, dyeing and spinning processes were mainly intended for home knits or for sale. A part was sold to local weavers.

Photo credit: Mc Nutt weaving in Donegall . (discover this beautiful video of their workshops: Link

In the 1970s, "Gaeltarra" ( government agency for the industrial development of Irish regions still speaking Gaelic ), built a carpet factory and a spinning mill in Kilcar. Their ambitions are to expand into national and international markets through their tweeds.

Resulting from this initiative, the Donegall factory is the only spinning mill producing this authentic and indigenous tweed wool. Starting with the raw fleece, the spinning mill carries out all the operations on site until the final skein. It is an art in its own right that the mixture of colored sequins, these "nupps" or "flecks" which stand out harmoniously on a plain background.

TWEED by weight, 100% merino, medium (aran), 1 g/1.9 m (Color "Mourne")

In order to preserve this centuries-old know-how, a team of craftsmen and technicians work at the spinning mill. The majority of employees have been there for a long time, some are even the 2nd or 3rd generation to get their hands dirty.

Photo credit: MDK . (Take the opportunity to read his article " A Knitter's weekend: Donegal, Ireland

The Donegall spinning mill uses only natural fibers sourced locally or, for the finest wools, in New Zealand, Australia and other countries recognized for the quality of their fibres.

If this article made you want to put Ireland in your "bucket list", here is a little gift from Google translation to put in your travel bag (and essential on the spot!): "Halo, càite a bheil an stòr clòimhe as fhaisge ort?" - (Hello, where is the nearest wool shop?).

And, of course, my selection of patterns to highlight this magnificent yarn.

Photo and pattern credit : Jared Flood - Le Cobblestone .

Photo credit and pattern : Amy Cristoffers - the Felix Pullover

Photo credit : Laine Publishing - The Snowy Forest by Midori Hirose (pattern in English)

Photo credit and pattern : Andrea Mowry - Le Honey Moss

Tweed Donegall yarn is sold by weight at Maison Tricotée.

For more information on wool: Our Donegall Tweed by weight

Happy knitting!!!

Warm regards, Celine


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j ai adoré connaître l’origine de la laine , les images et un peu d’histoire. Celà me permet encore plus d’apprécier ma passion du tricot
Vos suggestions de patrons. WoW !!
Votre site et vous courriels sont tres bien fait et je les trouvent attirants
Je suis fidèle à vous pour tout mes achats.

Marie-Josee Raschella

la sélection de patron est super ….. Cobblestone et HOney moss sont mes préférés.
Le snowy forest a l’air compliqué mais il est fantastique .
le châle honey moss est super mais trop compliqué sans un prof .
au plaisir

marie reine

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