Seacell: a fiber from the sea?

When seaweed invites itself into our knitwear

A few years ago, our Knitting community welcomed a new star in the firmament of yarns: The Seasilk. by our beloved Handmaiden brand.

Passionate as I am, a new flavor of ice cream at Kem Coba couldn't have had a better effect on me. (Until you taste the "Pandan Leaf" flavor, you can't judge me!)

Photo credit: KnitSpirit + free patterns to knit ice cream!!! : Link

Neither one nor two, here is the famous Sea Silk on my needles and we travel, one stitch at a time to knit Evelyn A. Clark's Swallow tail Shawl. Nice pattern but a little small, I advise to do additional repetitions of the first chart to avoid the "bandana" side.

photo credit: Evelyn A. Clark

The composition of Sea Silk is 70% Silk and 30% Seacell. Reading about the properties of this new fiber, I almost expect to see my hands become as smooth and shiny as a lump of fresh butter.

Indeed, according to the manufacturer's website, the algae contained in Seacell are "concentrates" of minerals such as magnesium and calcium and vitamin E.

If we look more closely at the composition of Seacell, it is an "infusion" of 5% seaweed in Tencel (fibers obtained from cellulose pulp like wood).

The Seacell gradually releases these active ingredients even after several washes.

My conclusion once the shawl is finished:

I should probably knit by involving the rest of my hand more than my fingertips...

The most important thing for me: I like the look of pure silk but I find it "stiff" to knit. The Seacell brought a nice softness to the shawl. I clearly preferred the rendering and the "knitting" to a 100% silk yarn.

Since then, Handmaiden has released the Sea Lace which I love with its generous 775 m/100gr. My fingers are itching to knit all the designs from Boo Knits : with her!

photo credit: Boo Knits

Wintersweet pattern

Or , to stay within the "Seaweed" theme: the sublime Laminaria (Laminaria = kelp = seaweed) by Elizabeth Freeman.

It would definitely be "concept"!!! Especially with the Cedar color

For more information on the Seacell: Link

Happy Knitting, dear Community! Did you like this article?

Warm regards, Celine

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