KAL and MKAL: What do these animals eat?

The terms KAL and MKAL are often used on English knitting interfaces.

We now find them often in French discussions too because they are a very practical abbreviated version to express the concept.

So, if these words are still Chinese for you, follow the guide!


KAL is the abbreviation of KNIT ALONG. The knitting community uses it to refer to the action of knitting the same pattern all together. For example, a shop or a designer will offer to knit an Andrea Mowry sweater for 6 weeks. A group on social networks is created and everyone can share the choice of their wool, their questions and of course: the final result.

It's a great way to connect with other enthusiasts and exchange ideas.


The "M " is for "Mystery". A designer pulls out a pattern in several clues! My kind of KAL, definitely. You discover the patterns as the clues are uncovered.

Sure, you may be disappointed in the end, but that's what Christmas is for! To offer our knitwear with a heart in your mouth! A little reminder on the notice for these "offerings": Click here.

So, to sum up, knitting with a whole gang and a pattern without knowing where it will take you!

How do I join KALs or MKALs?

Designers often offer these 2 formulas. The shops also offer to lend themselves to the game. So, to your social networks!

And good knitting : ))) Céline

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