Jehane Benoît : La grande Dame de la cuisine canadienne

Jehane Benoît: The Grande Dame of Canadian cuisine

But why talk about “cooking” on a yarn blog? will you tell me...

Because of these women who have marked our history. Thanks to their talents, their revolt, their compassion...

A few years ago, we were talking about gorillas (Jane Goodall) or piracy (Anne Bony).

The link with WOOL? (and the Knitted House...):

When the Maison Tricotée launched its first wool by weight: "La CASA" , we decided to baptize the colors with women's names. Women famous or in the shadows but who, in their own way, have written a piece of history.

Thus, between the stitches, Marie-Antoinette plays 2/2 ribs with Lady Di then jacquardizes with Cléopâtre and Colette!

When new colors are created, we ask around us: "Which woman marked you?".

When this beautiful eucalyptus green arrived, one of the "inhabitants" of the House released "Jehane Benoît"! The rest of the team sounded like a chorus of question marks. So, zou, direction Wikipedia...

Pattern idea with this beautiful color:

Photo credit : Along with Anna. Pattern (in French and English): Blossom

And there, what a life!

Another woman who revolted against the standards and the mold of the time to trace her own destiny. His passion and tenacity marked the history of Quebec and Canadian cuisine.

But, I reveal the end to you without starting from the very beginning.

Jehane Benoît was born in 1904 in Westmount in a luxurious universe. Growing up, she does not identify with her bourgeois milieu. Her mother's love for fashion or decoration finds no echo in her.

In the 1920s, she flew to Paris and became a student at the famous "Cordon Bleu" boarding school. Back in Quebec at 18, she is still not "calmed down". She then returned to Paris and studied food chemistry at the Sorbonne.

When Jehane returns to Quebec, she opens a secular and bilingual cooking school in Montreal: Le Fumet de la Vieille France. This is only the beginning for this "maverick", from 1935 to 1940, Jehane opens one of the first vegetarian restaurants in Canada: the Salad Bar.

After a husband, the war, a second husband, she started writing cookbooks published in French and English. We find there the cooking of food, their history, their chemistry... She even creates recipes adapted to this era of rationing!

Over the years, she appeared on the airwaves, on TV, in magazines.

In 1962, she began writing her famous "Encyclopedia of Canadian cuisine", no less than 1200 pages of recipes...

She collaborates with different sponsors: Dainty rice, Dow beer, etc... After the publication of a cookbook with the Microwave oven, Panasonic hires her to perfect their appliances. She will thus write a 6-volume encyclopedia of microwave cooking and travel across Quebec and Canada to promote this new method of cooking.

She will die at the age of 83 after a life guided by a passion for cooking.

I steal this sentence from Wikipedia: "Jehane Benoît has all his life highlighted the crossbreeding of Quebec cuisine, simplified the transmission of ancestral recipes and facilitated cooking with the use of modern technologies."

And, I cannot conclude this article without a recipe from Jehane: Le Pudding Chômeur . Dear French people, if you do not know this dessert, here is one more reason to come and visit us!


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