Inspirations pour s'amuser avec les "Woolly Wonkas" d'Hedgehog Fibers

Inspiration for fun with Hedgehog Fibers "Woolly Wonkas"

I suggest you play the tempting muses!

Hedgehog Fibers Twist socks have arrived. Beata, the designer of the brand is a real "Woolly Wonka". Magician of colors, her skeins are gourmet, mysterious, decadent, romantic or dreamlike. Each one tells a story that we want to knit!

If you want to see the Unboxing live: Link on facebook

I offer you "cocktails" of colors and patterns to highlight these little wonders.

From left to right : Beetle , Macaroon, Tea Cup

From left to right : Plump, Pheasant, Truffle

From left to right : DRK, Serengety, Teacup

From left to right :
Soft Silk Mohair Artichoke , Purr, Damsel (A beautiful kit to make Lindsey Fowler's famous Bennet Sister Shawl ).

From left to right : Copper Penny, Brigid

From left to right : Magpie, Matchstick

From left to right : Pollen, Zenith


After assembling a few colors on our palette, here are some ideas for knitting them

Of course, Andrea Mowry's "Fade" themed patterns.

And if you are wondering what is a Fade ? Fade is a way of transitioning from one color to another. Instead of just starting with the new color, you knit one row with the old color, one row with the new for about ten rows. Then you continue with the new color. This allows for a really interesting gradient.

My favorite :

The So Faded in French and English. A pretty, simple sweater to play with gradients.

The no less famous "What the Fade" , very large shawl with a brioche part.

We cannot talk about Hedgehog Yarns without mentioning the brilliant Stephen West and his theatrical shawls.

Here are a few on my "To-knit" list.

The Westfjords Wanderer , which plays with the Feather and Fan stitch and shortened rows.

The Chevron Shenaningan s that allows you to play with as many colors as you like...

In addition to dyeing her wool, Beata also creates patterns to play with her skeins.

The gigantic scarf: Outline . Free pattern and in English

The stitch is very simple and allows you to finish all the leftover sock yarn! (In my case, I could probably cover my neighborhood with this scarf. But, when you like...)

Another Beata design: The Sprouting Cable Socks. Pattern in English and free.

And I will end with a small anthology of sock patterns. Because, the Twist Sock, with its twist and its composition, will keep them beautiful and in shape wash after wash.

Zakkuri from one of my favorite stocking designers: Yucca. Boss in English.

I can't help seeing them with the Poppy or the Zephyr

Helen Stewart's Cornish Cream tea socks which would be perfect with the Tea cup (concept!). Boss in English
And finally the Meggie Socks by a Montreal designer! Dominique Baril-Tremblay. Boss in French and English.
Photo credit : Dominique Baril-Tremblay.
I will interpret them well in a saturated color like the Spell
Hope to have inspired you! Do not hesitate to leave me your comments.
Bon Tricot, warm regards, Celine.

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