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How to knit eco-friendly? Down with waste!

We are celebrating Earth Day this week

Reality reminds us more and more urgently that this day of awareness is every day.

Photo credit : Silk. Pattern in English and free: Planeeta Maa

I have an ambivalent thought on these "days" of celebration: Earth, Mom, Dad, etc...

On the one hand, it's always nice to please those you love.

On the other hand, I doubt that our planet appreciates these consumer surpluses...

Photo credit : Rik Schell. Pattern in English and paying : Knit the Earth

My mojo for this Earth Day will be: Down with waste, long live recycling!

I offer you lots of ideas to use the leftover balls.

One technique in particular is the champion of " woolly Touski " (Touski = meal from leftovers from the fridge because it's "everything-skia"): MODULAR Knitting .

This technique mainly consists of pulling up stitches on the edge of the knit. From this simple gesture, a world of possibilities opens up to you.

Modular knitting is the king for knitting patchwork designs!

Let's start with the Log cabin

This technique will require you to knit yarns of a fairly similar size. I am attaching the tutorial video for our course: "Initiation to knitting - the Log Cabin".

Photo credit : Susan Mills. Free pattern (in English and free) to make different types of log cabin: log cabin squares .

And, a blanket pattern with tutorials (in English and free): Learn to knit a log cabin blanket by Stacy Perry.

These patterns are just a few examples of the designs you can find on Ravelry by typing "log cabin" in your search.

The little Hexipuffs from tiny owl Knits

Photo credit : tiny owl knits - Pattern: The beekeeper's quilt (in English and paying)

We continue in the art of patchwork with the adorable "hexipuffs" from Tiny owl knits. The pattern comes with a video tutorial to make them.

This is a perfect recycling project for all sock knitting enthusiasts!

Stephen West's Shawls

Stephen West, a designer well known for his innovative approach to knitting, has created many modular shawl patterns allowing you to play with textures, colors and ball ends! Thanks Stephen!

Photo credit : Stephen West. Pattern (in English and paying): The Jigshawl puzzle

The Mitered Square technique

Another technique that makes you say "Wow, but you're an expert knit!" however, let's be honest, it's so easy!

I enclose our Mitered Square tutorial from "Initiation au tricote" by La Maison Tricotée.

You'll find lots of inspiration on Ravelry by typing this technique into your searches. I fell in love with this slightly more monochrome version.

Photo credit: Linea Ohman. Pattern in English and free: The Big Blanket

Here is a short non-exhaustive tour of modular knitting. I hope this has inspired you and that right now you are looking at your leftover bin with a different eye.

Looking forward to reading your comments ! Warm regards, Celine

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