These accessories that make our lives easier

These accessories that make our lives easier...

Almost as much as the microwave or the dishwasher!

1- The magnetic pattern holder (cost 33 S)

A very useful accessory for reading jacquard or lace charts. Simply place the sheet on the stand and hold it with the supplied magnets. A magnetic ruler allows you to follow row by row.

2- Marker rings ($6.50 to $11)

Resealable marker rings

Resealable marker rings are used both on the needles and hung on a knit or crochet work. A "reminder" tool in particular to identify the front or back of your work!

"Non-reclosable" reference rings : set of 40 hearts

Ring markers Love

These little rings that love to disappear in sofa cracks are essential for our knitting in the round. They are also your best friends in making lace shawls. Unlike resealable marker rings, they can only be placed on the needle and slid throughout the knitting process. Their advantages? They don't have that little resealable "tail" so they get caught less in your work.

3 - The Rank Account ($9.50)

Rank count

"Clic-clac" , the rank account keeps track of our progress. A really interesting function especially if our dear mother-in-law / boss / the children's daycare, calls in the middle of our knitting.

4 - Blocking material (between 2.50 up to $45)

Blocking combs, blocking rods, T-pins and blocking mattresses allow you to block your knits in the right dimensions. They are also essential for blocking your shawl in order to open the openwork patterns

- Locking Combs ($38) Knit Blockers Rainbow

- The rods to block ($35)

Kit of rods to block - Blocking wires

- Lock-in mattresses ($45)

Blocking mattresses allow you to block your knits and dry them quickly. Their thick, rubbery bodies are perfect for driving in lock combs or T-pins.

- T-pins ($2.50)

These small T-pins are strong enough to "pull apart" your shawls without bending!

5 - Wool soap (small size: 6.50 - Large size: $14.50)

Eucalan wool soap is produced in Ontario. A no-rinse soap that washes and moisturizes wool. A real 2-in-1! Eucalan comes in several scents: lavender, eucalyptus, jasmine, grapefruit and odorless. This soap is also suitable for machine washing your delicates. A little tip: It's perfect for taking camping!

Eucalan - Delicate Wash Soap

6 - Needle protectors

- The circular needle protectors ($18)

Place your circular needle tips in the black tip and there they are blocked in the case! So your stitches don't skip school, the joint between the needle and the thread doesn't get damaged and the pretty project bag doesn't turn into a pincushion. A very practical accessory for those who always have a knit in their bag!

- Protective tips ($5.50)

Needle protector - Point protectors - Stopper - Draft

Pretty hats to install at the end of your needles. These small cones will prevent your stitches from escaping. They will also protect your knitting bags. These tips are suitable for both circular needles and straight needles.

NB : The difference between protective cases and tips is that the case also protects the needle seal and is safer if your knitting travels a lot; )


Here is my non-exhaustive list of all these little "babies" that make knitting much easier.

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