Bali - Jour 4

Bali - Day 4

Looking back on a very enriching day...
She started with the Barong show. A traditional show which tells of the coexistence of good and evil according to Balinese beliefs.
A magnificent setting, superb dances, all punctuated by instrumental music, energizing and soothing at the same time!
Once back on the road, I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful person in a small village in Bali...

An artisan, whose art is the creation of silver jewelry, explained to me the process of melting and shaping this material.
His workshop is located at his home, with a simple table, a blowtorch and an anvil!
Her creations are fabulous! I also treated myself to a bracelet as a souvenir... 🥰

To continue my day, I stopped at the Batuan temple. A magnificent site full of history and legends about the gods of the island...
Wearing the sarong while visiting the temples is compulsory, which makes the visit even more typical!

After having been amazed and traveled through all these legends, I stopped to eat in a warung (small restaurant that serves typical Indonesian dishes) on the side of the road. I had the pleasure of tasting the Nasi Padeng which consisted of small portions of different dishes like Indonesian chicken curry, spicy beef, cabbage and of course rice!

I decided for the end of my day to let myself go and what a great idea! I stopped at a little roadside shop that makes and sells their baskets. I have also made a few finds that we will bring back to you in our suitcases... But I won't tell you more and I'll let you come and discover them when we get back...

That's all for tonight! A big day awaits me tomorrow. A clue? Dyeing...

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