Knit your Baby Bear Balaclava hat

Four (4) classes with Céline Barbeau to learn how to knit an adorable little hat that will cover both your baby's neck and ears. It will be worked with two doubled yarns: a merino yarn and a mohair yarn, except around the face where only the merino yarn is doubled ensuring that no mohair fiber comes too close to the face. It will be worked in one piece, in the round and back and forth with a shaping in shortened rows in German style. Two options are included for the neck: a ribbed neckline or an integrated neck warmer.

Examples Baby Bear Balaclava

You will learn circular knitting, the interlayer increase, the German short rows and the Italian flap.

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What you will need

Buy & download the pattern here in French and English (YEAHHH!)


1 ball of each of the following qualities:

The pattern is knitted by doubling the 2 threads together. Our model was knitted with the color Sand in Merino and Oat in Soft Silk Mohair.


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