Olive's Tights

Olive's Tights

Olive's Tights

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An essential piece in a wardrobe, baby tights are the most practical item of clothing to keep the legs and feet of your little ones warm. Easy to put on, no matter how much little toes and little feet wiggle, you can be sure they'll stay toasty warm. Olive tights are worked from top to bottom in the round to the ends of the feet. You'll start with a hem for the i-cord, then work the back using shortened rows to better accommodate layers. You will divide the work at the crotch, then work each leg separately. Short rows will form the heels then decreases at the toes will complete the feet. Among the many styles of baby tights offered by Knitting for Olive, you will also find the sister model of Olive's Tights: the Clover Tights, elaborated with a lace pattern and a picot border hem.

Taught by Céline Barbeau of La Maison Tricotée

What you will need

✨ Pattern Olive's Tights, Knitting for Olive $7 CAD (French)

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