Knit your Trescao sweater

And hop ! A new online course. If someone had said to me: “Céline, in 2020, you will give most of your courses online”. I would have asked to be reimbursed by the Grand Manitou.

Frankly, online courses ??? And, contact, interaction, how will I be able to correctly share my “knowledge”?

And, yet, after 2 months in front of the camera (thanks Ben), teaching a lace shawl, stitch squares, etc... I am pleasantly surprised by this other way of communicating. Of course, it took (and still takes) adaptation. But the groups of students showed solidarity with each other. They encourage each other, advise each other.

This reminds me of this passage from the poem “Barbara” by Prévert:

Remember that Barbara

And don't be mad at me if I talk to you

I tell you to everyone I love

Even though I only saw them once

I say you to all those who love each other

Even if I don't know them

Triphiles in online knitting groups support each other "even if they don't know each other".

The Trescao sweater

In short, a long introduction to talk about the new course.

This little spring sweater is a free pattern from the talented designer Anna Dervout.

Trescao (jumper), Anna Dervout $0 🤑 (French, English)

Trescao (jumper) by Anna Dervout - Photo 1Trescao (jumper) by Anna Dervout - Photo 2

It offers several interesting techniques:

  • Knit a sweater in the round without a seam.
  • Start from the top down. This technique allows you to adjust the length of the sweater.
  • German shortened rows to shape the neckline.

I will, of course, come back to the basics that will allow you to knit to your measurements:

  • The round sample (but square... A little sleight of hand.)
  • Take your measurements and make the right choice of size.

What skill level is required to knit this sweater?

You will need to have some knits already in your CV. You have to know how to cast on your stitches, knit the stitches purl and purl. For the rest, trust me (you) and everything will be fine.

What sizes are offered in the pattern?

Sizes range from 80cm to 158cm chest circumference for the finished sweater. It is necessary to count between 3 to 10 cm of ease compared to your bust measurement.

What yarns to use?

The yarn recommended for the pattern is a light weight yarn ( DK, 8 ply, 11 wpi, 22 stitches - 10 cm (4 in )). That is to say who will give you a sample of 21 stitches for 10 cm. We offer several options on the online store (see list of wools mentioned above).

What needles to use?

Recommended needles are 4mm and 3.75mm circular. Attention ! This will vary depending on your tension and your choice of wool. Personally, I knit loosely and will make mine with 3.5mm and 3mm.

You will need different needle circumferences if you are not knitting in “Magic Loop” (which is my case). This is where an interchangeable needle kit proves to be a good investment. I advise you, if you choose to buy a kit, to take a needle length of 3.5 to 4 inches and not 5 inches.

How much wool?

The amount of yarn will vary depending on your size. This sweater is short, if you want to lengthen it, consider adding at least 100 grams of extra wool. The quantity is indicated in the pattern, but if you want personalized advice, do not hesitate to call us from Monday to Sunday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and we will be happy to help you.

I'm interested, how do I join the group?

It's very simple, you just have to make a request to join the group on Facebook . Live videos will be visible in this space. If you miss an "episode", don't worry, the videos remain visible on the group's page.

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